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Friday, 13 March 2009


I see this and just like the words…

I walked alone down this unpredictable path
Of raging emotions and flying colors
In an ocean of wistful thoughts
Consuming my mind

All the adventure had worn me out
I began to hear the voices in my dreams
Calling me out of the tremulous waters
Back to the warmth of security—my home

Instant relief swept over me at my arrival
There was everything as I had left it

but something was amiss
Something that had not been there
in the first place
But it should have been
Because I felt empty inside
I felt I was made of naught but skin

It was you that was missing
The you who had yet to enter my life

I cannot explain why I knew this then
I can only guess
that perhaps it was Destiny
That we should be together
Real friends for eternity

I hope you understand
(and some how I know you will)
That we are connected through the higher frequencies
of the Universe
As is every living thing on this Earth
Except that our paths were meant to cross
And we were meant to meet
So that we could fill each other’s lives
with goodness and peace

No one should be left to themselves
When they have battles to fight
and obstacles to overcome
Unless they choose to do so alone

But even though one of us prefers to be alone
We will at least be given the chance
the chance to make things a whole lot easier
By sharing our burdens

For what might be a burden to one
Could be a blessing to the other

So together—when we meet (as the Universe has willed) --
Let us transform our lives for the better
Creating blessings out of burdens
Magic out of pain
And Love out of darkness

Just as it was meant to be.

Please do not let the chance pass you by
When it comes, embrace it!
As will I

Then suddenly, we will sprout wings…
and we will fly to our individual Destinies
Be reunited with our Twin Souls
And swiftly reach Enlightenment
Being blessed by the innocence of the Angels

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