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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Another week...

Another week ..wonder what this one will bring ..mine are defiantly interesting lol
Never no what will happen ,Yes sometimes there crap ! but all in all never dull.
Maybe the life style i lead lol Always looking for new adventures ;) lol and my adventures usually are funny as fuck!
Mainly from the idiots lol sorry the people i come across in my weird world lol.
And i no some 'idiots' believe i sound a complete bitch lol but no believe me there idiots lol...I'm a magnet for them ..they think im one lol they'd be surprised ! i may look it but I'm farrrr from one.

Got the dentist tomorrow 'Oh what joy! NOT' sons going as well hes not happy either bless him ..has to be done tho :-$ lol.

Oh yea st Patric's day today just heard on the radio..'Happy St Patric's Day' lol

My giving up smoking up is a loose word at the moment ! I have had a ciggy ..I nooooooooooo naughty ! But ..ok no buts i have no will power at the mo :( But Ive stopped..started..cut down.. lol started again ..Il get there one day ..!!
I WILL lol .

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