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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Friday, 25 September 2009

I hate this time of year ,At the moment i just feel so tearful n keep crying :(
My dad died 5 years ago next month and its just playing on my mind
Yeah i think about him every day ,but this time of year just makes things worse.
Plus every were i look theres babies neighbours just had one ,And that gets me thinking about Tylor :(.
Life's going great at the moment but no matter how happy you are inside loosing someone hurts so much.
Just think I'm very emotional at the moment and everything keeps churning round my head ,my hearts in different places and it hurts.
Im fine just i duno tis life as they say and you have to get on with it.
Some times wish i wasnt so bloody emotional about life but then i wouldn't be me ..duno if thats good or bad lol .
But hey Love defo hurts ..loosing,being in and well you no .. When i love i do forever
Ahh well onwards as they say ..keep smiling x

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Saturday, 5 September 2009

thinks you couldn't make up my life even if you tryed lol..bit like a carry on film id say .. but hey makes life interesting and defo lots of laughs n smiles to mix with the crap n bad times lol

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Poem written for me

For Claire

Love is like a deep, deep hole,

Easy to fall into, hard to escape.
Once you're in, it feels so good

With pure joy & adrenalin rushes.
Who wants to escape from all this attention?

Not us, we would be mad!
Enjoying too much the holding of hands

And the gentle, wholesome blushes.

The sharing of secrets, the telling of tales,

The truth can fuel the flame
That is so easily extinguished by

The stupid telling of an outright lie.
Forever is the only true direction,

So forever is where we shall go
Taking our time to get there, no rush,

No panic, just you... and I

The love of a friend is much more pure

Than the love you often find

It carries no burden, no grief, no pain.

Just there for both to feel.

Never sullied by the weight of lust,

That can cause broken hearts

Placed in the heart by your best friend,

It's purpose is to heal.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hmm been doing alot of soul searching recently ..And come to the conclusion ..finally lol
That i need to grow up ! took me long enough didn't it only 35 years :-S ..
I'm unorganised..unruly and generally acting as if I'm a teen .. no harm i admit but it isn't doing me any favors in life and making things complicated for myself... and i cant be doing with complicated been doing that far to long.
I'm not going to change everything ,just organise myself more ..and make life more simple as i do make it hard for myself most the time lol.

Hey life's for living be dead along time to sit n sweat the small stuff ..but if i just wake up and take hold of my own life and not let it dwindle away and get my self in a mess have more time to enjoy it.