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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Hmm been doing alot of soul searching recently ..And come to the conclusion ..finally lol
That i need to grow up ! took me long enough didn't it only 35 years :-S ..
I'm unorganised..unruly and generally acting as if I'm a teen .. no harm i admit but it isn't doing me any favors in life and making things complicated for myself... and i cant be doing with complicated been doing that far to long.
I'm not going to change everything ,just organise myself more ..and make life more simple as i do make it hard for myself most the time lol.

Hey life's for living be dead along time to sit n sweat the small stuff ..but if i just wake up and take hold of my own life and not let it dwindle away and get my self in a mess have more time to enjoy it.

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