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Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I blog allot more then i actually publish .. i type away then think hmm shall i say that ..then i save it to draft ..i no that beats the object but few days later i go back publish it or delete it ..realy i think i blog to get my own feeling out and when i do it helps ..maybe weird but some things are hard to post ,saying that ive said allot in my blog anyway lol
I duno im weird :-S i no that lol
Ahh oh well should be off to bed i suppose

Night night :0) xx

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

80's Weekend

Well what can i say i had a amazing time ,haven't laughed n smiled so much in ages
Just what i needed really at the moment.
I drunk to much..smoked to much.. and something else to much lol :-P BUT was fun and something il remember for a long time and hopefully we'l all do it again next year :)
Took me a week to recover lol how sad ....iam getting old lol ..arr oh well it was worth it ..bring it on more i say !!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Right !!

RIGHT !! enough of me feeling sorry for myself !! lets have some arse kicking tunes lol !!


Last week or so this time of morning ive felt so sad ..only way to put it really :(
Just suppose it quiet ,i have time to think ect..not sure why just found myself just feeling sorry for myself 'aka' the poor me syndrome as i call it lol
My last few posts have been bit down n songs i posted for my dad n son ..I cant change there not here no more i no that ...just oh i don't no it never goes away the pain stays with you ,just you have to carry on with your life i no that ,just sometimes it comes back to the surface and feels like yesterday ..times a healer ?? in a way yes it just helps you except whats happened and go forward .. i hated that word except as i always thought it ment forget ..that might sound odd but i did think that if i excepted ment i was forgetting ..weird how the mind words i suppose.

Im fine though i have a weekend away friday to look forward to and see friends again ,which will be great ,just don't no whats up with me this week ..very odd
I need to sort my sleeping out as if i was in bed i wouldnt have time to sit and wallow in self pity i suppose ? Oh well that's life ...everyone has good n crap days and everyone looses someone close to them part of life im afraid
Sorry for the misery me lol im kool just blurrrrrrrrr ..roll on the weekend make me smile 80's piss up :)

This song reminds me of my dad and son no longer here :(

I don't no life's a weird thing ..well mine is certainly lol you think you no were your going and the road suddenly turns leaving you at a cross roads again in life.

Mines had and has so many twists n turns ,but as i said before i no were iam in myself 'kinda'so hopefully that will guide me to were I'm heading.

I thought to be happy i needed a man in my life lol i no funny ..but i don't and i shouldn't look either ,if you look you don't find apparently ..I'm not looking any more for anyone day there find me hopefully ,i miss not being with someone to share my life with actually but in the grand scale of life il survive until i meet someone that treats me good as i haven't actually had that lol how sad is that, i always meet arseholes to put it blatantly and my hubby wasn't much better either now no ones having my heart unless they want to treat it gently as its been hurt so many times it didn't no how it feels any its healed and waiting for some day to give all my love to someone

Monday, 11 May 2009

I wish

I wish that .. hmm good question ..That life was simple ,uncomplicated,easy..but then you would never learn from your mistakes ,I suppose all the fun is in the learning ,the unknown ..

I think Ive learned from the mistakes Ive made lol ........ok I'm learning now from them lets say .

Never been very good with the unknown ,i like to no what's next ,be in control but sometimes you just have to let go of the tight grip you have on your life ..well i did anyway and say what will be will be ?

And hopefully what will be ..will be better then the past ..who nos? ..only time will tell ..


Friday, 8 May 2009


Ive actually got followers on here... woohoo THANK YOU ! i mean that never thought anyone would want to read my randomness and want to no what lurks inside my brain lol..
Its a weird place my brain full of random thoughts on love and life and everything really so thanks again :)
love n peace