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Friday, 25 September 2009

I hate this time of year ,At the moment i just feel so tearful n keep crying :(
My dad died 5 years ago next month and its just playing on my mind
Yeah i think about him every day ,but this time of year just makes things worse.
Plus every were i look theres babies neighbours just had one ,And that gets me thinking about Tylor :(.
Life's going great at the moment but no matter how happy you are inside loosing someone hurts so much.
Just think I'm very emotional at the moment and everything keeps churning round my head ,my hearts in different places and it hurts.
Im fine just i duno tis life as they say and you have to get on with it.
Some times wish i wasnt so bloody emotional about life but then i wouldn't be me ..duno if thats good or bad lol .
But hey Love defo hurts ..loosing,being in and well you no .. When i love i do forever
Ahh well onwards as they say ..keep smiling x

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