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Sunday, 29 March 2009


I'm so lucky who and what i have in my life .. I don't really have the right to sit and wallow in self pity compared to some people ,just sometimes i get the 'poor me' syndrome as i call it.
Yeah I'm not rich ..skint actually BUT i have a roof over my head,i have a loving family ,some people don't have any of that.
Some times you just have to realise you may not have what you want in this life but to enjoy what you do have as you waste time on what you don't have and don't appreciate what you've got in the here and now.
Life's so short when you think about it ,we all make mistakes ,but sweating the small things in life is wasted.
I only no this from experience of depression and other mental health problems but i also no when you do have problems you see no way out ..there is always a light at the end of the tunnel ..its just finding your way towards it i think and that's different in everyone but its only you that can do it,i always wanted someone or something to make my life all better ..then realised it was me that had to do it can help you ,they can advise you and be there BUT its only yourself that can take that step and say enough is enough .

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