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Friday, 13 March 2009

I no !

I no what people think of me you no..

I come across as one thing BUT I'm not only that,Deep down I'm more then that and situations have turned me into something else.

Ive tryed showing theres more to the real me inside ..I cant be someone else ..I cant hide the fact i love to much..i care to much and i hurt to much and in the end I'm only hurting myself .

Men think I'm a slag,women think i pinch there men and I'm a bitch ..

Sometimes people i don't even no think that..they wanna be in my life to understand no how i no how much i hurt .

I'm just open personally,sexually doesn't mean shit and doesn't mean I'm a door mat either.

You respect me ,and i do you..respect lol i use that word loosely! I lost that along time ago for some people in my life,who think I'm nothing..Live in my world and your understand what its like.

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