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Thursday, 12 March 2009


Hmm me well ..way to complicated i say,nothings ever simple in my world lol ..mainly my own doing.

Wear my heart on my sleave fall in lust to offen ..have highs n lows in my mood ..up or down thats me !

Love music with a passion all stylies and would pine without my music on

Have always been big girlie lol but am working on it and have been for years n years lol :-$ but hey fat ..thin.. wobbly .. im just me but some people see fatty and not the person inside IDIOTS! lol

Been searching for something in my life for a while BUT now i no ..theres nothing to search for just be in the now and enjoy whats around me ,and what i have around me is the best,family ,friends lucky just sometimes i dont realise it ..twat i no

Im way to open ..gotta stop wih that one lol just take a step backwards before i leap lets just say lol
Have the BEST mum in the world! shes been there no matter what and is my 'rock' to this world ..and without her i no i wouldnt be alive today,i do really believe that was/is so bad at times ,she puts up with alot from me and im forever grateful i have her in my life.

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