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Sunday, 7 June 2009

I'm really not in a happy place at the moment ... it usually passes but this one doesn't want to shift ..its annoying me big stylie ,i just cant get out of it
And don't see how i can ,itl pass as usual hopefully just this is taking longer then usual everything seems to be a crock of shit basically ,i don't wanna be around anyone or talk to anyone and by doing that its making me worse.
I don't want allot out of life..never have..just things start to go right and then turn tits up yet again ..that's life i no but give me a break please ..the crap times out number the good par usual
How do you completely change your life without it keep going back wards?
Ive changed so much of my life ..just i still feel its going backwards.
Arr well that's life i suppose cant expect all love n light all the time lol just at the moment i just cant take no more

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