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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Random facts

Just see on twitter people adding random facts and i thought oo i have way to many to put on twitter lol so il blog them ..boring i no lol but hey i do waffle randomness so nerrr :-P

So here goes randoms facts about me ...

Ive been a vegetarian for over 16 years

I can put lipstick on with my breasts (party trick lol)

I once see pink floyd in concert & a few 80's groups

I was married 15 years and have a 16yr old son

I have 4 tattoos and 16 piercings
I actually like living on my own now
I have three cats now i sound like the mad cat women ..aww gawd :-P
Im interested in tarot,crystals,star signs and anything spiritual or anything weird not the norm
I support Chelsea ...but don't hold that against me lol
Im very untidy and a womble really i collect way to much crap !! (but im working on it lol)
I gave up smoking for 8 years ..then started again ... like a idiot :(

I once swallowed a penny when i was about 3
I love being with people and talking and getting no them

I love life now .....finally

I suffered from agoraphobia and depression for 14 years (doesn't mean im mad just means i been there n got the T shirt so now i understand how others feel and now appreciate life more )
i do still have depression but im dealing with it :)

I started training as a diesel fitter then a hairdresser when i left school .. odd combo i no lol

Im addicted to the Internet

I always wish on stars

I believe in after life

I try never to have regrets and live each day as if its my last

I'd love to find love again and be excepted for just being me

Im very touchy feeley person love to cuddle n kiss

Ive always wanted a VW beetle

I collect dragons and buddhas

I dye my hair when im fed up weeeeeeeeird

Im superstitious

Im a Scorpio and yes a typical one

I always wanted more children but didnt work out that way ,just grateful i have my son hes the best :)

Im passionate about all music

Ive lost 5 stone in 2 years ..still working on it as im still huge (think Dawn French no seriously i am huge n only 5ft 3 lol)

I love to smile and laugh and make others smile to :)

I have my tarot cards read alot

Im a trained manicurist and pedicurist (but hate feet :-S figure that one out lol )
Im kinda gothy looking always have been love wearing black and wear gothy makeup

Well there ya go randomness at its weirdest lol but that's me ....

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