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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Afternoon world :) .... I'm currently listening to trance ,drinking coffee n generally chilling out ..its bliss...
So what have i been up to errr not alot really ,trying to sort all areas out from my brain to my flat cleaning lol well gotta clean out ya brain as well as ya house i say
Music and a good clear out of ya house work wonders for ya mood lol.
Na im in a good place at the moment brain wise ..i needed that feeling shit to make me see things more clearly and for now iam ..might not last but who cares im living for now sod tomorrow and sod yesterday !
I just have to set limits to myself as ive crossed my limits far to offen and i don't want to do that any more as it only screwed with my own head.
I believe in trying everything and living for the moment BUT somethings are a fine line and not to be crossed also ..its a hard one to explain but maybe one day i will how nos...
Oh well back to the trance and really should go out soon as well
well there ya go im still smiling and its Thursday ..woohoo lol .. some bugger will come alone n spoil it bet ya :-P na sod em im happy n noones takin that away from me no more im avoiding all who make me feel crap ..turning over a new chapter in my life and trying to rewrite the ending lol ... :-P
laters x x x x x


  1. nice to read ya having some fun , philosopher, the greek one at you no where. luv ya. kissy kissy,P.