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Friday, 3 April 2009

My week

My week hmmm lol ...

Vicki's comp went tits up so shes not been online boo hoo ..but hopefully itl be fixed tomorrow ..yay!..

Ive actually started sorting my flat out ..long time coming ..just got to keep at it now ..I'm such a hoarder its unbelievable lol .

Haven't seen a certain someone as much this week which is a good thing considering the probs i had last weekend ..don't need being called up and texted 24/7 BUT that came to a head last night n now its started again :( Aint a clue to sort it out ,yea ignore it all but i tryed that one.

Spoke to someone on a dating site lol i no there naff but so far he seems kool compared to rest ..only time will tell i suppose.

See Matt today which was kool ,haven't seen him in a while ,hes ok .

Soo what will next week bring :-$ ..something better pleassssssssssssse lol

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