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Sunday, 26 April 2009

My loves

Well theres lots I'm passionate about ..but here's a in no order of course !

Music! music ,music and did i say music lol
My family n friends id do anything for them
Computers/technology /gadgets
Anything weird n different 'not the norm'
Veggi bacon lol mmmmmm
Laughing ,love humour to smile
Cars n bikes
Men in uniform lol ..well what girl doesn't ?? lol
Learning to learn i always want to no more
Being in 'love'
Cuddles n kisses
Tattoos n piercings

Well theirs a few I'm sure il tell you about more ya do lol


  1. marry me lol.. mirror image of 'loves'... with the exception of men in uniform lol

  2. Rustycharms are they lol u sure in uniform are great... u could learn to love them lol

  3. also having second thoughts on the vege bacon...

  4. Rustycharms .. i love it ! i dont eat meat so its the next best thing .. i do miss bacon