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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

When someone comes into my life i must admit i think hmm somethings going to go wrong or there just out to hurt me (intentionally or not) that's just all i no from past experience.
I want to so much believe that someone likes/wants me from me and theres no hidden agenda ..if that makes sense..its a complicated thing to explain ..but i think iam restoring my faith in human nature lol not all men/people are well lets just say are end in ###KER lol ....
I love to much ..i care to much AND it gets you sod all usually ...but i dnt want to become a hardened bitch that doesn't care for no one ..maybe its better that way no feeling no worries ??
But that's just not me I'm afraid ..yer i say im a bitch ,im not.. only when provoked i no how to stick up for myself believe me !lol .. its hard to find a happy medium in life as in being caring and being a sponge .. are well tis life ..think im on one today thinking wise lol better shut up now i suppose :-P

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