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Sunday, 12 July 2009


I just want to say so much ..its all in my head but cant get it all out i suppose :-S
Things wer great thought id found a missing piece now that piece is backing away i feel inside.
I don't want that piece to go away ..I want it to stay even if its certain terms ..which I'm ok with
Quite weird how somethings just fit like a puzzle and when they ain't there no more kinda feels empty again.
Weirdly enough i have puzzle piece as a tattoo i had done as i always felt i had that piece missing from certain things that has happened in my life.


  1. These things that "happen for a reason" NEVER seem to be right at the time. But you''l get through this Claire, as long as you remember that there are people that love you for no other reason but to see you smile and be happy.
    You ... are ... the best!

  2. Aww thankyou thats really kind , I am ok tho x