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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Last week or so this time of morning ive felt so sad ..only way to put it really :(
Just suppose it quiet ,i have time to think ect..not sure why just found myself just feeling sorry for myself 'aka' the poor me syndrome as i call it lol
My last few posts have been bit down n songs i posted for my dad n son ..I cant change there not here no more i no that ...just oh i don't no it never goes away the pain stays with you ,just you have to carry on with your life i no that ,just sometimes it comes back to the surface and feels like yesterday ..times a healer ?? in a way yes it just helps you except whats happened and go forward .. i hated that word except as i always thought it ment forget ..that might sound odd but i did think that if i excepted ment i was forgetting ..weird how the mind words i suppose.

Im fine though i have a weekend away friday to look forward to and see friends again ,which will be great ,just don't no whats up with me this week ..very odd
I need to sort my sleeping out as if i was in bed i wouldnt have time to sit and wallow in self pity i suppose ? Oh well that's life ...everyone has good n crap days and everyone looses someone close to them part of life im afraid
Sorry for the misery me lol im kool just blurrrrrrrrr ..roll on the weekend make me smile 80's piss up :)

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