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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I don't no life's a weird thing ..well mine is certainly lol you think you no were your going and the road suddenly turns leaving you at a cross roads again in life.

Mines had and has so many twists n turns ,but as i said before i no were iam in myself 'kinda'so hopefully that will guide me to were I'm heading.

I thought to be happy i needed a man in my life lol i no funny ..but i don't and i shouldn't look either ,if you look you don't find apparently ..I'm not looking any more for anyone day there find me hopefully ,i miss not being with someone to share my life with actually but in the grand scale of life il survive until i meet someone that treats me good as i haven't actually had that lol how sad is that, i always meet arseholes to put it blatantly and my hubby wasn't much better either now no ones having my heart unless they want to treat it gently as its been hurt so many times it didn't no how it feels any its healed and waiting for some day to give all my love to someone

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